Francesco's leveled creatures-items mod

Francesco's leveled creatures-items mod 4.5

This mod changes nearly all the creatures lists to make them more static
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4.5 (See all)

One of the strenghts of this mod is it's modular nature.. every part of the mod is optional and you are able to customize it to your taste during the installation.
The optional parts cover many things like guards (all guards used to keep leveling up with you, so no matter how strong you were they were always a bit stronger than you. Using this part of the mod, while some guards still level up with you, many of them will stop at about levels 15-25.

Stronger guards will usually defend more important places/people), vendors (you used to find chainmail/dwarven mithril/orcish armors and weapons in creatures/npcs loot before seeing their appearance in shops, this made armor/weapons vendors nearly useless after reaching level 6-7, now you will find those stuff in shops many levels before but at increased prices), new unique enemies/bosses (a small chance to find stronger unique bosses with names and personalized combat styles/loot), more enemies (more creatures/npcs in dungeons, aviable in three variants) houses/dungeons chests (improved, more interesting, diverse and often more rewarding but still balanced loot), quests (tweaked main and guilds quests to make late quests harder for unexperienced characters, forcing to level up so you can't become master of the fighters guild at lev 8), arena (later ranks will be much harder for weak chars so you can't win it with a low lev character) and much much more (read the full readme for a complete list with detailed info).

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